About Us

Working together

After having collaborated for 5 years while working together at Celgene, it felt natural and logical for Arnaud and Ludovic to combine their forces to create ObelysQ.

Having always enjoyed each other’s company and respected one another’s knowledge, they decided to act on their vision of the pharmaceutical industry and create an entity that would help them share their passion for clinical quality assurance and help companies of all size to comply with good clinical practices.


Why the name ObelysQ ?

From an early stage in mankind’s history, humans have had this urge to leave their mark, commemorate important events, and share their beliefs.

Obelisks were firstly erected by Egyptians, but the shape was then also reused in the Roman and Byzantine Empires. Nowadays, we can find obelisks around the globe and the term Obelisk is also present in many languages. 

We believe that the strong imagery of the obelisk fits perfectly with the values of the company that we are creating. Owners strive to leave their mark in the realm of clinical trials by providing solid GCP solutions.


Ethics comes First

  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and transparency. 
  • Clinical trials subjects’ well-being, safety and rights as well as the reliability of the data dictate our actions and decisions.

We go the extra mile

  • We strive to go above and beyond customers’ needs and expectations by being proactive and addressing their requests diligently and efficiently.
  • We understand that our customers have needs that may change over time. We adapt and we move forward.
  • We champion innovation and creativity.

We deliver the highest added value

  • Our deliverables are impactful
  • We provide our customers with solutions that are tailored to their needs and means.
  • We carefully select and oversee consultants who adhere to our mission and values.
  • We have zero tolerance for mediocrity.
  • No compromise on quality